"We may FIB, but we will never lie"

Why Improv?

The actor's tools are words, body language and interactions with their fellow actors. While the focus is often of learning the lines in a script, the ability to portray a character effectively, goes far beyond mere memorization. We often expect actors to come to the theater with all the tools they need, but this may assume that they have received training somewhere else. Acting classes almost always include the techniques of improvisation. These have been used ever since Viola Spolin began teaching theater. She discovered that only through experiencing and solving the "problems" that are depicted on stage, can the actor truly progress. Thus the use of improvisational games and techniques has grown to be the basis for almost all acting training activities. Improvisational techniques also help in peoples everyday lives because the activities we do provide structure for all sorts of communication and interactions. We learn to listen as well as speak and this is perhaps one of the most important issues we face when trying to communicate with others.

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Class Description and Schedule

    Classes using Improvisational techniques are conducted at Surfside Playhouse. The classes are open to all who wish to have fun and learn something new. The courses would last for 10 to 15 sessions depending on the semester.

Sessions are held at Surfside Playhouse on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.

Beginners start on Mondays with more advanced students attending on Wednesdays.

Cost is $40 for adults and $25 for students.

If you have an interest in improvised comedy, you can contact Mario Busacca at mbusacca@cfl.rr.com to sign up and claim your spot in the next Improv Class at The Surfside Playhouse!

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Facilitator Experience

  Mario Busacca has been involved in theater for 15 years. He first began at his church in the then developing Drama Ministry. He began acting and moved on to directing and writing the various skits and dramas used to enhance the worship experience. Seeking to expand his capabilities, he entered into community theater and has acted in several venues throughout Brevard County. In 2008 he became involved in Improv at the Henegar Center and went on to become part of the Not Quite Right comedy troupe there. After the troupe disbanded, he went to the SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando and studied with them for several years. SAK is a professional theater group that has birthed many a professional actor and comedian, probably the most well known being Wayne Brady. Mario has also taught Improv at Viera High School as part of their theater program.

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