"We may FIB, but we will never lie"

Who we are

The Fearless Improv Brigade is an improv group that began in the summer of 2013. It was founded by Mario Busacca under the helping hands of The Surfside Playhouse. The Fearless Improv Brigade began as an instructional class for those interested in learning the art of improv comedy and it remains as such, as its members are always taking Mario's classes, and practicing and learning the various techniques that make improv such an interesting experience. Beginners Classes are held roughly four times a year at The Surfside Playhouse and Mario is always accepting new students to be a part of The Fearless Improv Brigade! If interested you can contact Mario Busacca so you can join the class and become part of the fun of improvised comedy!

Mario Busacca

David Forman

Matt Hall

Scott Lambert

Peggy McRoberts

"Mike" Mellen

Leslie Roth

Chris Tsocanos

Sharyn Tsocanos

Debbie Wilcox

Ubuntu Zimbabwe